Emission Control and Wheel Washing Tools

Companies in the field of construction surely have some vehicles and equipments. These are very necessary in completing the projects, and even the equipments play important roles since they are able to handle heavy duties that human’s hand cannot handle the tasks effectively. Because of that, excavators and other equipments will need proper maintenance to make sure that they will be able to work properly.

Maintenance of these vehicles cannot be considered easy. At least, cleaning and conducting the emission control for these instruments are important, and these will take big efforts without special tools. In this case, the wheel becomes one of the vital parts, since these will have scraps of grounds and other particles. In this case, there is company providing the useful tools. These wheel washing and demucking tools will provide the necessary functions during the regular maintenance for those heavy instruments.

Wheel Washing Tools

The construction industry will not need to worry anymore about the wheel washing task. It will not be big problems anymore, and it even can be completed excellently since there are already some wheel washing tools or modular provided by the company. For example, there is ConLine KIT Flex. This brings the simple and easy modular concept for cleaning the wheel. Later, the excavators and other heavy instruments only need to step on the tool, and the washing process will run to clean the dusts. For more efficient jobs, there is also ConLine KIT Plus. This is like the upgraded version from the first ConLine, in which it can provide greater performance, and it is very convenient to use in various types of environment. When these are not enough, TailorMade Line is also possible to choose that can give more flexibility in wheel washing process.

Demucking Tools

This is also interesting services offered by the company. This can be suitable for the construction industries. Even, rail vehicles and military vehicles like tank can also get the necessary function for cleaning their body, especially the wheels. Each field of service will have specific type of demucking service and tools to deal with. That is why companies can easily choose based on what they need. Starting from washing the excavator to washing the military vehicles after commissioning, these are possible to execute. Moreover, rail vehicles can have installed devices, so it is possible to wash the parts directly on the trail.

Dust Control Technology

What make the company special is not only about its tools for wheel washing services. There are also some useful technologies for the dust control. These are necessary since sometimes dusts are still left even after the thorough cleaning and washing. In this case, there are some options of tools. First, there is Canon Line that can effectively remove the dusts from overall the body of heavy instruments and vehicles. Then, there is also TailorMade Line. This is type of modular that can be specified depending on the applications or characteristic of objects to clean. All of them are supported by the advanced technology to get better quality of results, while also giving easier access in operating the tools.

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