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India is a developing country where most people are good and have variants of foods. Speaking of foods, kitchen needs the tools for helping us cooking the dishes well. Here, technology brings us microwave as an electric kitchen tool for cooking. In this opportunity, we are going to talk about best microwave oven that you can get in India. If you are wondering to have good cooking experience, you can have some specifications here to be your consideration for choosing the best microwave for your kitchen.

Bajaj 20 Litre Grill Microwave Oven MTBX

Bajaj is the local brand of India manufacturer. As we know that Bajaj has its motorcycle product that has been released worldwide. It comes with the microwave for its product in electrical products. It seems like the microwave is included in the top list of microwave product in all over India. This microwave from Bajaj is coming with its capacity up to 20 liters for maximum and this product is built with multistage cooking mode. Inside, Bajaj made this microwave with thermal fuse and time alarm cooking that can help us to cook easily. This has a power adjusting level and Bajaj offers this microwave with a one-year warranty period. For your consideration in choosing Bajaj microwave, this has some pros that you must know first. Bajaj Group, the company of this microwave is a trusted company that has been globally releasing the products. Then, MTBX microwave oven also becomes a satisfaction for people who love cooking because this has a multistage cooking feature inside the system. It is also available to be modified about the level of power that we need.  For the features, this 20L microwave oven is good in reheating, defrosting and cooking. More, with this capacity, it is suitable for medium families. Inside, this thermal fuse is very helpful, and this alarm can make us remind the cooking process. It reduces the failure of cooking. About the power, this microwave from Bajaj consumes 1200 Watts that makes you have to chill out about the electricity cost. Plus, the 1-year warranty is good for the service from Bajaj. One only need to be considered more is about the absence of a fan.

Morphy Richards Solo 20MS 20 Litre Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards Microwave Oven also included in the top list of microwave products in India. This microwave comes with 20 liters of its storage capacity and it is very good for small families. It is built by Morphy Richards with 5 different power levels and it has rotational jog dial. As an electronic product, this comes with 2 years of warranty. Coming from a British company, this microwave has been known in the market since 1963 and this has specialized for toasters, refrigerators, microwaves and so on. This microwave product is claimed that can make many variants of dishes that is so Indian. It is also capable to defrost or reheat your meal with manual option. It is also completed with the overheat sensor. 2 years warranty comes to tell that this microwave can be used in good condition at least for 2 years.

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