MilesWeb’s Biggest Ever Sale, 99NotOutOffer! Get .Com Domain at just Rs.99*!

MilesWeb, a fast-growing and leading provider of top-notch web hosting solutions and a trusted domain registrar, recognized for powering about thousands of domains, is glad to  announce the biggest ever sale, 99NotOut offer, on the world’s no.1 domain extension .COM .

Today, MilesWeb is best-known for helping customers build their online presence or take their ongoing ones to new levels of success. Having a dynamic online presence has become a prerequisite these days.

Considering the hard knocks, which we all are going through in this global pandemic situation, where the businesses are coming to an abrupt halt. In these tough times, MilesWeb has come up with a great deal for all the customers!

To glean insights into the path ahead and to get your business online at a modest price, MilesWeb’s super special deal is offering a “.COM” domain at a knockdown price of Rs. 99*.

A .com domain stands for “commercial”, is termed as a Top-Level Domain (TLD) which is globally recognized and a dominant pick for all online businesses.

So, get ready to grab the limited period deal because it’s the best time to indulge and invest in the world’s no.1 .com domain offers at a lowest price of Rs.99*.

The sale starts on 19 May 2021, and may end anytime soon. MilesWeb’s Biggest ever saleis filled with significant discounts and is offering the following deal:

A .com domain can be registered with MilesWeb at the price of Rs.99*.

MilesWeb offers domain registration for 1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years.

  • Register for 1 year at the price of Rs.850.
  • Register for 2 years at Rs. 1199. Get 1year subscription at Rs.99 and 2nd

year subscription at Rs.1100.

  • Register for 3 years at Rs.1999. Get 1year subscription at Rs.99, 2nd and 3rd

year subscription at Rs.950.

This exclusive offer is launched by MilesWeb, To help all the online pioneers right from the startups to the medium-sized businesses boost their online identity by getting business online with a .com domain.

MilesWeb is eternally keen on delivering the best-in-class solutions to the customers that help them prosper in the online arena.

Additionally, if you’ve made it to the online world or thought to come on board, this is a perfect timeto get started with MilesWeb.

About MilesWeb:

MilesWeb, launched in the year 2012, is one of the finest and leading companies in the entire web hosting industry, known for offering high-end, industry-leading web hosting solutions for all types of businesses. MileWeb offers all types of hosting services like WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Dedicted, Reseller and Shared hosting India and It also provides the domain as well.

MilesWeb is among the trusted domain registrar named for powering over thousands of domains and serving 30000+ happy customers globally.

MilesWeb aims at delivering above and beyond the expectations service to the customers. MilesWeb’s journey is driven by extremely talented working people who help customers reach their goals and succeed online.

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