Useful Android apps you should have on your phone

Many people who want to buy smartphones must have had to choose between a phone that runs on the Android operating system and a phone that runs on iOS. Fortunately, your phone will come with some of the major apps that you won’t be able to do without. They include apps for making and receiving calls as well as sending and receiving text messages. Other major apps that come with your phone include PlayStore for downloading more apps as well as a music player and video player among others. If you have just bought your first or a new Android phone, you might be wondering what type of apps you should have on your phone. If you are about to get the phone, you can read about Giztop reviews to know which brand of smartphone to buy and if they are the right store to buy it. This article will discuss some of the types of Android apps that you should have on your phone.

Social media apps

One of the types of apps that you should have on your Android phone is social media apps. With social media apps, it becomes easier to carry out the major reason for which you bought a phone: to keep in touch with others, especially when they are far away. With social media platforms, photos, videos, documents, and text messages can be shared. Furthermore, video calls and audio calls can also be made. When a person is bored, he or she can scroll through posts on social media platforms and get engaged with infotainment.

Bank app

When you start to work, you are going to have a lot of bills to sort out, including having to send money to relatives and friends from time to time. With the aid of the bank app, it becomes easier to send money without having to bother about going to the bank. It is often easy to download and operate your bank app. You would be required to enter some details for identification and then create a password and put in place other security features to make it difficult for anybody who bumps into your phone to have access to your account.

create a password


The need to be organized and manage our time properly cannot be overemphasized. With an organizer on our Android phones, we will be able to manage our day to day activities including when we should do a particular task and when we should be through with it and move to the next task. We can outline all tasks we need to do with timestamps and even set alarms. This will keep us well organized and happy.  Since you carry your smartphone with you every second of the day, it will be easier to see the reminders and act on them.


Many people enjoy playing video games on their mobile phones. If you are one of such people and you have an Android phone, you can download games in your favorite genre. You can subsequently browse through the games you have installed and play them. You will now know the games you want to remain on your phone based on your preference.

Office and PDF reader

Documents are increasingly being sent through social media platforms and mail. In most cases, we first see such messages in our mail on our phone. You should have office software and a PDF reader that will make it easier to access the information in the file. When the document is sent in MS Word version, it can be viewed and edited on your phone. If it is a PDF file, you can easily view it with the PDF reader.

Photo editing software

If you are a photo lover, you should consider getting some top photo editing software on your Android phone. You will be able to take pictures with the phone and edit the pictures. You can read reviews about the right photo editing software to get for your phone on CollectedReviews.

Password manager

Today, we now have different platforms on which we have passwords each of them. Most people have at least 0 accounts ad remembering the password for each of them could make it difficult to remember all our passwords. With a password manager, you need just a single password to the software and once you can access the password, you will be able to get the passwords you have stored inside to access your accounts.

Other apps that meet your needs

We are all different and we probably have one or more things we want to use our mobile phones for apart from the normal. The Android PlayStore has a wide range of applications that we can choose from. You should check for apps that are relevant to what you want to use your phone for and download them. Some of them might require you to pay to use the full features, while others could use advertisements. You could also be told to pay to avoid advertisements.

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